Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A blog hop, of my designs...

I don't post designs and orders as much as I should and I'm definitely not the best at sharing my blog design, so I thought it might be fun to create a "blog hop" or tour, if you will, of some of the blogs that I have worked on.

Some blogs are basic, with simple header and background designs, like my latest blog design, Letters to Mason

Header 2 copy copy



Some blog designs are centered around sharing photos, such as Robby Travels and Our Growing Family.


Some blogs include many of the little details like Navigation bars, sidebar tabs and many other custom items! A couple of my favorites are

Jordan Header


No matter what you're looking for, there is most definitely a blog package to fit your needs. Don't see what you want? Send me an email and I'll put together a package for you. I've often worked with bloggers on switching one piece of a package for something else. You're blog should be a place that reflects you, so get yourself a blog makeover!!

**Please remember, as long as there are any elements from your blog design displayed on your page, you should have my button placed somewhere on your page linking here. I usually place it at the bottom of your page, but you are welcome to move it around. This is part of the agreement per by blog design terms.


  1. Jen is great and if you are thinking about working with her, do it! She is absolutely wonderful, talented and creative!

  2. cute! I love the apple one!